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How does one translate an in-person event with tens of thousands of attendees into an engaging virtual conference during the time of a pandemic? Simple. Build a multi-million dollar interactive studio in two months, host 30k people from more than 100 countries in a way that allows you to see them react, gives you access to speak to them directly, provides a way to have them breakout with likeminded attendees, and do it all while translating simultaneously in nine languages. 


The necessity of needing a virtual space of this magnitude prompted creativity and innovation. The state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot Studio boasts a stage-in-the-round footprint, surrounded by a technologically-advanced 360-degree 1.9mm 4k LED interactive screen system. Truly unique in experience, via broadcast quality audio and video equipment, presenters and hosts – whether it’s a business meeting, live television broadcasts, new product launch, live concert, awards show, press conference, or hosting a speaker series – can interact back and forth with up to 500,000 attendees in real-time.

Hosts can visually expand the audience field to talk to attendees direct, see and hear their reactions, and have constant interaction, which will keep audiences engaged and on the edge of their seats (wherever in the world that might be!). The translation platform can translate both to attendees and back to the host in multiple languages, allowing for the language barrier to disappear and for global attendees to have the same live experience. In thinking even further ahead, the Studio even positioned half of the LED walls on a track system so producers can easily expand the wall to allow room for adding a live audience component to the virtual event. 

All of this together offers another unique component specifically to Established Touring Performance Artists (Musicians), as an alternative to touring! This type of hybrid venue setting is fast becoming an option for touring Artists from the 70's and 80's genres, as their music is still so much in demand that some are touring more now then they have in years. Although, with touring comes the Grind. It's tough enough having done it for 30 to 40 plus years but even more difficult as the years go by. VAMIEE Studio experience offers these artists a way to still be very much available to their fans and yet, offer themselves a more comfortable way to entertain fans Worldwide.

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