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Image by Aaron Paul

live venue setting

Sell a VIP Experience

VAMIEE offers the Ultimate Hybrid Entertainment Experience. With half of the LED walls on a track system, producers can easily expand the wall to allow room for a live audience component to a virtual function, seating or standing room only up to 300 VIP's. This gives you the ability to SELL your live audience seats at a VIP price. Utilize the in-house technology, bar, & catering to add a true “wow” factor that creates a small venue Party atmosphere to your Virtual Event.

sell merch worldwide in real time

sell, sell, sell 

The VAMIEE experience gives you total control of how much you want to make in one night. VAMIEE offers the ability to sync up your Virtual guests with a special link to purchase merchandise and/or to upgrade their virtual experience with you during the show. Example: Say your guests have only purchased a ticket to see your concert but You are also offering Private Meet n' Greets, a Q & A session, and a multitude of other levels of entertainment during the course of the evening....You can encourage your guests to JOIN you to the next level simply by buying in. This allows your guests to follow you through your entire party (at an upsell cost), while also purchasing items along the way. Thus giving you the opportunity to make more in one night then on several months touring.

Image by Raúl Nájera
The ability to sell up to 250K Front Row seats

create levels of experiences for your fans

From 250K virtual attendees to 300 LIVE audience members, your event will be a powerhouse sales opportunity. Creating levels of entertainment give you complete creative control on how best you would like your bottomline to pan out. 

VAMIEE offers a Gorgeous Red Carpet room to host your LIVE VIP meet n' greet before or after your show, then your LIVE audience can enjoy the bar, catering (if so desired), and get ready to see the show, all the while your Worldwide Virtual audience is synced in and also ready to enjoy the show. Before or after the show, you'll be able to offer another 'level' of entertainment by hosting a Q & A, all the while you have the ability to mention your merchandise for sale as your going through your set..... Your 'levels' of entertainment options throughout the evening create a constant income stream through your show. 

Into the Metaverse

360 degree screen offers ANY environment of your choice

For your tech savvey fans, VAMIEE offers another 'level' of entertainment. The ability for them to join you in a Metaverse experience in the setting of your choice. Enjoy a cocktail on the beach in the Metaverse with your VIP Metaverse fans or anywhere your heart desires. 

Image by The Travel Nook
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